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Product Detail
5 Packs Trap Hair Catcher Bathtub 2-in-1 Silicone Drain Tub Stopper, Strainers for Floor, Kitchen, L
Brand: NorSway
Model: 001
Color: Blue

1. 2-in-1 tub stopper and strainer, keeps the water in the sink or flow the water away / catch hair and clogging items. It also prevents Odor and Fleas from Sewer.
2. Highly reliable drain plugging. Conveniently fit all kitchen, bathroom and laundry drains. Suits for hot and cold water.
3. Flat contoured base and tapered edges maximize water pressure to give a nice seal.
4. Easy to clean and care,you can wash bathtub drain stopper easily by warm water or soap. Like all stoppers, please clean the wastes and hair in time, get rid of clog and mold.

Use Tips:

1. If the sink hole is smaller, please pinch the bottom of stopper and change the shape until it can be installed into the sink.
2. If the sink hole is bigger than 2inch, you should press it with more power to take off the water.


Please clean the drain protector frequently,and get rid of the wastes and hair in time.
Please keep far away the kids.

Product Details

Product net weight: 2.12 ounces per drain stopper..
Product size: 3.93(D) * 1.26(H) in per drain stopper.
Color: Blue, Green, Gray, Pink