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Product Detail
Butane Torch Kitchen Blow Lighter - Culinary Torches Chef Cooking Professional Adjustable Flame
Brand: NorSway
Model: 002
Color: Red

Butane Torch Lighter Kitchen Blow Culinary Torch Chef Cooking Torches Professional Adjustable Flame Lighter for Creme, Brulee, BBQ, Baking, Jewelry

  • - Flame and temperature can be adjusted, the temperature can be as high as 1300 Deg.C.

  • - 360 degree free rotation,can be used upside down

  • - Wind proof, moisture proof and water resistant, better than electric welding.

  • - Fully automatic electronic ignition, safe and easy.

  • - Ergonomic design for comfortable holding in the hand.

  • - Suitable for restaurant, household, picnic, hiking, camping and other outdoor activities.

  • - It can be fixed on butane tank, which can be replaced.

  • - Combustion value: 50 -150g / h. A can of gas can use 1.6 hours to 2 hours continuously, replace the new tank just need a little seconds.

  • Specifications:

    Dimensions: 10 x 4.9 x 1.7 inches/25.4 x 12.4 x 4.3 cm

    Weight: 164g/5.8oz

    Color: White and Silver

    Material: ABS + Alloy

    Calibre of spout: φ22mm

    Max Flame Temperature: 1300°C

    Type of gas: Butane

    Appliance category: Vapour pressure-butane

    Igniting method: Automatic piezoelectricity ignite

    Power: Gas, fit perfectly with most butane cartridge (camping stove)