Quality is our culture

Domestic digital products O2O service provider Online and offline integration platform
Focus on R&D and production, stylish and practical Affordable digital products
Leading industry team of technical experts Introducing top process concepts
Product service upgrade integration support More reliable product warranty
      Since its inception, the company has been developing and producing fashionable, practical and affordable mobile digital products to meet the needs of a wider range of consumers. Based on the business philosophy of “designing and guiding consumption, innovation and realizing value”, the company relies on the integration of industry resources. The scientific and strong quality control of product research and development has achieved remarkable results.
Our  Team

our management team have more than twelve years' experience in this field. We have advanced facilities and strict quality control system. We have been authorized by ISO9001 quality assurance system.
Our Concept
Our management concept stresses not only responsibility and maintaining quality standards, but also emphasizes constant reform and upgrading of every aspect of our business operations. While this helps continue many of our corporate traditions, youth and vitality can also be continually infused into the system. An example of this is the professional knowledge of engineering and regularly improved quality control procedures instituted into our manufacturing processes. Adopting these ethics, we have been able to fully standardize all material and equipment procurement, labor and recruiting, and management policies in line with current international practices.
Our Service

In an effort to sustain customer recognition of our products, we are now working to present a brand new image emphasizing the highest quality and efficiency levels. Looking forward to receiving customers' comments and suggestions, we hope to have the chance of cooperating with companies around the world for joint success in the future.
Who We Are?
We are a comprehensive company combined with ID design, structural design, electronic design, mold development, product assembly and sales and proud of a big professional OEM/ODM services for famous brands. Japan, South Korea, United States and Europe are main exporting areas. We have a complete design and product realization team, including electronics, product structure, acoustic tuning, PE engineering and other professionals from the industry. We established a complete product chain system and production quality system through our "cooperative innovation, mutual benefit, and win-win" business philosophy. As your business partner, we prioritize customer profit with our perfect management system. We look forward to your visit and the company management and staff will be happy to see you among their valued customers!